6 Closet Updates To Make In Your 20's

While you’ll always want to update your closet with the hottest new collections, there are core updates you should make to your closet in your twenties in particular. These updates are all about growing your own person style, leaving behind items from your late teens or early twenties that are too junior and also making sure you have key items to pull out for events that are likely to happen in the next few years. You’ll experience lots of new things in your twenties, from fashion events to life events and your body might even change a little too, all of things things should be respected and updated for your fashion style too. 

Prepare An Interview Outfit 

You’re going to go on at least one interview if not thousands and having that perfect interview outfit ready and waiting is just good practice. If you’re planning on working in the fashion industry, you never know who you might meet or connect with and it would be awful if you couldn’t attend an interview or a formal coffee meeting, all because you have nothing to wear at the right time. 

A slick pant suit is a great option for having an interview appropriate outfit ready. It doesn’t have to be black (although you can never go wrong with black and do be aware of super bright colors like fuchsia pink!) and it doesn’t have to be boxy and ill-fitting the way an image of an interview pant suit conjures up. Go slim fit, do be sure it fits well and these days pant suits are being worn by celebs for events, date nights and even on the red carpet so you may even wear this outfit outside of the boardroom. Change up your styling to create event appropriate versions of your pantsuit. Wear with nothing underneath the jacket for a sexy suit vibe, ideal for red carpet or date night including statement heels or pair with a crisp shirt, fully buttoned or just slightly undone for an interview look. Do be sure to buy the jacket and pants as a set, from the same brand, you might not know it yet but there are 50 shades of black not just grey and it’s noticeable immediately if you’ve tried to mix a jacket from one brands collection with pants from another. 

Add A Formal Gown 

Having an evening gown, complete with shoes, purse and any other accessories you might want to complete the look is essential in your twenties. Of course, by the time you’ve been to a few formal events, you’ll feel confident enough to buy an outfit at short notice but if you haven’t yet been invited anywhere that you need to wear an evening dress or black tie attire, it’s a great idea to have a dress at hand. Black is always a good choice, it will always be relevant and won’t look dated if purchased even a few years before you get a chance to wear it. Avoid colors of the moment unless it’s a color that you would wear anyway and that looks great against your skin tone. Don’t forget to take a trip to your local tailor if the length isn’t quite right, it’s worth it in the long run.

Invest In A Perfect Leather Jacket 

Every closet should have a leather jacket and every woman should have the perfect one for her. Depending on your style and even body shape, that would be a long line jacket for some and a cropped short one for others. Be sure it’s a style that is going to stand the test of time and still look chic in years to come. Black motorcycle is the most popular style but if you want to think outside the box a little, try a more tailored style of leather jacket in pewter gray or deep petrol green or even a belted trench style leather jacket. Be sure to invest in the highest quality of leather or vegan leather, that the armholes fit well and that you can wear it with almost everything you already own.

Try New Things

The long game is to find and develop your own personal style but in order to do that, you’ll need to experiment a little. Try lots of new things, find what works for you and what doesn’t, find what style makes you feel good and makes you feel more you than you’ve ever felt. Don’t be afraid of looking silly or regretting your fashion choices in years to come if someone pulls out their camera - that happens to everyone no matter what they’re wearing, it’s almost a right of passage so don’t fear it! Try bold colors and neutral colors, statement fashion pieces that carry a lot of drama and outfits that are minimalistic to the core. Go from one end of the fashion spectrum to the other and try everything in between until you know what you like and what suits your body and personality.

Start Taking Care Of Your Shoes

In your twenties, it’s time to start taking care of your shoes. No more scuffing them on the pavement, putting them away dirty or crushing them in the back of your closet. You’ll naturally find that you start spending more on quality shoes but even the highest quality shoes won’t last long if you don’t give them some T.L.C. Clear out a designated space for your shoes or invest in a shoe rack that allows each shoe to have its own space. Be mindful of how you walk, try not to be heavy on your feet and each time you put your shoes away, check them for scuff marks, dirt or any re-heeling or soling that might need done. On that note, if you do notice that your stiletto heels have been worn down and need caps replacing, get it done ASAP and don’t wear them again until you do – you’ll only damage your shoes if you continue wearing them.

Invest In Comfortable Heels

Another investment piece that is one hundred percent necessary is a pair of comfortable heels. When we say invest, that usually means money but actually, in this case, it can mean time instead. Of all the parts of the body, feet can be the hardest to dress because they have to be mobile and flexible in whatever they are covered in, making finding a comfortable pair of shoes no mean feat. This is especially true when it comes to heels and some women go their whole lives without finding a pair of heels that don’t pinch their toes with every step. To find your pair of perfectly comfortable heels you’ll need to experiment with different heel heights to see what your tolerance is and then break them in gently so that they form around your foot shape perfectly. Your go-to pair of comfortable heels should allow you to wear them for long periods of time, take public transport which often involves a certain amount of walking and all without having to carry an extra pair of flats with you.

Article Commissioned by Mod'Art University of Shanghai

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