7 Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Fashion Items You'll Secretly Consider Buying

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have scrolled past a number of these on your Insta feed. They catch your attention with their sleek design and designer brand name and then the sticker shock of the price sends you spiralling into how to re-mortgage your apartment in order to pay for it! Yes, these seemingly everyday objects and gadgets have some sort of supernatural draw to them that we can’t explain but we do feel it too! We’d never have considered we needed a pair of headphones with built in crown, especially with a price tag of $9,000 but, like you, we definitely considered it for longer than we should have. To tease you with all the things you definitely don’t need but will certainly convince yourself you do, we’ve trolled the designer goodies list to bring you the most covetable luxury fashion items that are clearly so ridiculously expensive – but we know you’ll feel your life is not quite complete without them!

The Prada Paperclip

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When Prada unleashed their branded paperclip back in 2017, it practically broke the internet. Even looking at it now we’re basically drooling. That discreet little engraved PRADA branding just oozes high end luxury and we can only imagine presenting some documents with one of these metallic clips slipped over the pages (and hoping the receiver doesn’t steal it!) Regular paperclips come in boxes by the dozen if not hundreds, while just one Prada paperclip will set you back $185! It measures 6.25 centimeters long and 2.25 centimeters wide and is made with sterling silver unlike your average dollar store box of standard paperclips. Prada also promoted this officially as a “paperclip-shaped money clip” so they actually didn’t expect people to use it like a paperclip but rather as a money clip, a vintage way of securing your thick wad of notes – because let’s be fair, in order to justify buying one of these, you’d have to have a thick wad of cash to clip together – however we think using it as an actual paperclip would be way cooler!

The Tiffany Sports Collection

Images Via : Tiffany

Tiffany’s, were nothing bad could ever happen except for their venture into sports gadgets. Tiffany knows the pull and effect their brand has on people and in order to exploit that further and away from jewelry, they launched a number of everyday objects including a pair of leather and walnut table tennis or “Ping-Pong” paddles and a sterling silver tennis ball can – tennis balls not included. The paddles are priced at $700 which to be fair, if you were a Ping-Pong pro, might not seem that ridiculous for sports equipment that could win you gold medals (although we’re not sure how performance effective these paddles actually are!) The tennis ball can on the other hand is set at the ludicrous price of $1,500 and apparently aims to keep your balls at the optimum temperature on the court…but is essentially just a tin can to carry them in. Like every other tennis ball canister, it holds four balls but this one is by Tiffany!

The Swarovski Vacuum Cleaner

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If a regular Dyson cleaner just won’t cut it for you, there’s always a Swarovski crystal encrusted one. A collaborative effort between Swarovski and Electrolux, the black edition vacuums are all bejeweled and sparkling with 3,730 gems, making cleaning up just as glamorous as getting ready. The price tag on this electric baby is a whopping $19,000 so you’d really have to be a vacuum enthusiast or have serious cleaning O.C.D. to invest in one of these. To be fair though, if we owned one of these, we’d probably be cleaning a lot more often.

The Chanel Boomerang Saga

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Chanel were denounced on social media for producing the ultimate useless status symbol product – a boomerang. And not just one, a whole collection of the things! They were also accused of appropriation towards Australia’s Aboriginal culture during this saga, despite the fact that people were definitely buying them and that’s why they kept the product on sale for seasons in many different designs. Others on social media were quick to dismiss the appropriation comments, stating that boomerangs were now used widely for recreational sport use and if someone wants to drop $2,000 on a wood and resin boomerang by Chanel, they have every right to do so. The problem lay in the fact that originally the boomerang was used as a weapon by the Aboriginals, the most disadvantaged people in Australia, in order to protect their cultures. Chanel did eventually stop producing them as part of their Sports objects collection, which also included a stand up paddle board (price upon request!) a set of three tennis balls ($570) and a tennis racket ($2,220) among other pieces and issued an apology stating they didn’t mean to offend anyone. Although you won’t find these on the Chanel official website, they aren’t hard to come across on other seller websites if you were that way inclined…

Dolce and Gabbana’s Italian Feast

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It all started with a $45,000 refrigerator and escalated quickly from there. The D&G fridge was created in collaboration with Smeg and only 100 of the limited edition creations were produced. Each fridge was given that quintessential, eccentric, Sicilian touch that Dolce and Gabbana are known for on their runway shows and signed by the artists who helped create them. The fridges looked like they were straight out of the 1950’s (in a good way) and led the Italian fashion giant to delve further into kitchenware, producing cookers, ranges, extractor fans, splash backs, toasters, kettles and more, all with matching quirky prints. Finally, D&G went on to create their own pasta in collaboration with Pastificio Di Martino (the packaging is by Dolce and Gabbana, the actual pasta was left to the chef thankfully!) The pasta was sold in designer tins, each containing four bags of dried pasta in various forms including spaghetti and penne. The pasta was priced at $110 for the full tin, a rather expensive way to make penne arrabiata if you ask us but a small price to pay if you’ve gone the whole hog and decked out your kitchen in full D&G glamour!

We’ll just be over here looking at our plain Jane white fridge with complete disgust and jealousy.

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