Anna Wintour Has Launched A MasterClass

And It's As Fabulously Fierce As You'd Hoped It Would Be

Anna Wintour without glasses on at Vogue

She’s the high priestess of fashion, she’s a veteran editor and now you could learn her secrets to success! Anna Wintour has officially launched an online class for us mere mortals looking to become moguls. It’s comes in collaboration with the MasterClass series, which features videos by some of the industries greats such as Annie Lebovitz and Diane Von Furstenberg. Wintour will join them and many others with her own section of twelve educational videos dedicated to understanding her leadership skills.

What Does The MasterClass Entail?

Drawing on her more than thirty years as Editor-in-chief of Vogue, according to Anna Wintour herself, she has a lot to tell us, a lot of lessons to talk about that she has always wanted a dedicated space for. The MasterClass could be useful for a lot of people, freelancers, small business owners, wannabe girl bosses and basically anyone who is interested in learning about her leadership style. Wintour shares her journey and tips on how she managed to run and stay in charge of arguably the world’s most influential magazine. Of course, Wintour also shares what makes a designer stand out to her, why she would choose a designer to be featured in Vogue and what totally disinterests her too – so if you were ever planning on pitching your fashion collection to Anna Wintour, it’s time to pay attention!

Anna Wintour working at Vogue

Within the twelve lessons are titles like “Anna’s Management Tips” ,“Leading With A Vision”, “What It Takes To Succeed” and “Finding Your Voice and Succeeding.” Wintour said of her classes,

“This is a class for those who want to understand my leadership style and then understand the experiences that have helped me become an effective leader, you need someone who can push you, who isn't pulling you back.”

Throughout the MasterClass, references to Vogue’s heritage and its infamous moments in history become a focus. Controversial topics aren’t ignored either, her decision to have Madonna on the front cover in the 80s, the backlash she received by putting Naomi Campbell on the front and of course then the decision to feature Kim and Kanye on the cover after their wedding are all addressed. Wintour states that Vogue is leading, not following and often times the things featured in the magazine were seen as controversial at the time and yet today seem completely normal. Vogue has always aimed to be so ahead of the curve that nobody would see it coming, and these events are analyzed by the woman who made it all possible. The MasterClass also touches on how to spot up and coming trends, new emerging talent and of course the question everyone wants to know, how Wintour became a recognizable icon and such an influential figure in fashion.

Vogue cover of Kim and Kanye Wedding controversial

To complete the MasterClass, you’ll also unrivalled access to the Met Gala 2019 including insider knowledge, behind the scenes information and how Wintour manages to curate such a seamless production each May. Finally, workbooks are also a large part of the MasterClass, perfect for completing alongside the lessons to help solve creative problems and providing tips on how to build your empire from stable foundations.

How To Get In On The Fashion MasterClass

Wintour’s MasterClass is available to anybody with an internet connection but of course, it comes at a price. Access to the premium content comes with a price tag of €200 but if you’ve ever wondered how Anna Wintour does it all, can you really put a monetary value on that kind of insight?! There’s also an option to pay monthly, meaning for just less than €17 per month, you’ll be able to obtain all the wisdom Anna Wintour wants to throw at you after a career that spans half a century.

Anna Wintour giving an interview with glasses on

Anna Wintour is notorious for wearing her signature oversized sunglasses indoors but for the promotional video, usually she has taken them off, allowing us to really look closely at her face, a vulnerable position she rarely puts herself in. She goes on to explain that the most important meeting they have at Vogue is directly after the shows and she expresses how much she wishes we could be a part of that. She also explicitly states that her decision making comes from the heart, it comes from creative passion and a drive that is so uniquely her, implying that we all have this for our businesses. Her promotional video puts a high importance on listening to the people around you, your trusted team and the people you work with but that in the end, the decision must be yours and you must have conviction in it. She ends the video by saying one profound statement that we believe we should all stand by, “Own who you are without apology.” Anna Wintour

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