Fashion Apps You Need To Know In 2019

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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In our world of technology, the saying “there’s an app for that” works in just about any situation. Yet for some reason, fashion lovers seem to forget there are fashion dedicated apps to help take the stress out of everything from personal styling to finding the hottest trends. You’ve got an app for your bank, an app for music and even an app for switching on your lights so why not have a personal shopper or closet guru at your fingertips too?! 

Here’s our round up of the most practical fashion apps you need to download and that you’ll want to use season after season. 


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PS DEPT is your personal stylist available around the clock, 24/7. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have regular appointments with a local stylist booked into our schedules, now you can have a virtual one in your pocket at all times. Search the app for specific pieces or full outfits for your next event, their inventory is extensive and super inspirational. Of course, there’s knowledge behind this app too, it’s not just one persons’ opinion and ideas, PS DEPT works with stylists from some very high profile brands like Chloe, Net-a-Porter and Stella McCartney. Who wouldn’t want advice from the stylists behind those brands and did we mention this is free?! You don’t even have to exit the app to make your purchases as you can shop directly there too! The app is user-friendly, easy to figure out and there’s no pressure to buy whatsoever! 


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If organisation is your problem, Cloth can take over. This app is all about sorting your closet in a virtual way (with potential to translate this into your actual closet if you want) organizing by season, event, style or any other way you can think of. How many times have you styled an outfit in a way you wouldn’t normally and then forgot about it? If you’re anything like us, a lot! Save the different ways you can style the same pieces through visuals and images so you never forget how versatile the pieces you own can be. Once you’ve got your clothing and accessories organised, you can share your closet with your friends - and in turn, you get to peek into their closets too! On top of all of this, you can also view street style snaps in real-time, giving you a constant up to date flow of fashion looks real people are wearing. Aside from the amazing concept Cloth has and the amount of time it saves getting dressed once you have all of your pieces uploaded, fashionistas rejoice in this app because it has a real sense of community. You can ask your peers for advice as well as meeting like-minded people who live and breathe fashion just like you. 

The Hunt

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This clever app is more like a community of fashion enthusiasts, all working towards the same goal - finding that cool jacket you saw someone wearing on the train! We can’t count how many times we’ve wanted to ask someone where they got their shoes/jacket/dress from but been too embarrassed to confront a stranger! Now you need only upload a description or a sneaky photo and the community of The Hunt will begin their search for it or something similar. Perfect for both android and iPhone, join the community at The Hunt and you can also browse the trends other fashionistas are trying to track down too. 

Rent The Runway

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If you haven’t heard of Rent The Runway yet, let us enlighten you! A true OG of the fashion app industry, Rent The Runway helps designer label lovers achieve high-end goals at a fraction of the price - the catch? The stunning pieces on offer at Rent The Runway have to be sent back before their due date. Many fashionistas take their fashion game seriously and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same dress twice to an event, this is where Rent The Runway really shines. Here you can rent an exquisite designer dress for much less than the designer price tag, wear it to your event and send it straight back when you’re done. You can also favour pieces that will be stored in your hub so you already have a good database of outfits you love for the next time you’re looking for a chic designer label dress or jumpsuit without the hefty price tag. 


kids clothing app

Of course, it’s not just womenswear fashion apps that are on the rise, kids wear too has its feet firmly planted in the virtual world. Kidizen is the working mom’s go-to app for finding cool clothes for their mini- me’s. Shop new, buy second hand or even sell hand me downs because we all know that kids grow fast and it would be a shame to waste that gorgeous romper your kid only wore twice before they got too big for it. Kidizen is the number one app for fashionista moms and they also have a great collection of toys and books for sale (or sell your own) too. 

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