How Can A Tech Pack Help Me?

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

You're ready to launch your fashion brand and you know your factory needs a tech pack for every garment you want to produce. But exactly is a tech pack and why are they so important?

Fashion Tech Pack by K Alexandra

Tech Packs Are A Blue Print

Officially a tech pack is a complete set of instructions that outline everything the factory needs in order to make a block pattern draft and then to successfully produce a sample of your fashion product. Tech packs are also the perfect place to store all development and tracking notes during the sampling process including fit notes, material changes and supplier information.

Why Quality Tech Packs Are So Important

If there's any area of the design development process you don't want to skimp on it's tech packs. Like most things in life, what you pay for is what you get. If you do decide to choose a budget option to create your tech packs - don't say you weren't warned! Poor quality tech packs will result in a sub power sample which means you'll end up spending more money in the long run just trying to get a half decent sample to work with. Not to mention the stressful back and forth you'll have with your factory who can't understand what you want. A quality tech pack should transcend language barriers so no matter where you decide to manufacture, K Alexandra's tech packs will be perfect for you and keep your factory happy.

Get Accurate Samples Made

It's normal to tweak a few things after the first sample is produced, what you don't want is to have a sample that is so far off what you imagined that you basically have to start again in order to get an initial sample you can actually work with. Don't forget, you'll pay for every sample and revision of a sample you need so isn't it better to spend a little extra on a quality tech pack in the first place? There's a great analogy ; There are three adjectives but you can only pick two - quality, cheap and fast. Quality, fast tech packs won't be cheap, cheap and fast tech packs won't be quality and quality, cheap tech packs won't be fast.

Tech Pack for fashion design K Alexandra

A Tech Pack Acts As A Contract

Because my tech packs contain detailed instructions, all parties involved can refer back to it to ensure everything on the garment is produced correctly. A tech pack is also a type of agreement between you and the factory meaning if your factory switches trims or components, your tech pack supports exactly what you asked for - ensuring you don't pay for anything you haven't asked for.

I offer packages for fashion collections of 10 pieces and up as well as individual tech packs. Book a consultation or order straight away from my shop.

A Quality Tech Pack Should Contain...

A technically correct and in proportion sketch of front and back view of the garment. Occasionally, depending on the product, a side, inside or close up view will also be necessary.

Bill of Materials - A comprehensive list of everything the factory needs to order to create your garment. Everything from the sewing thread to the main fabric and buttons, zippers and more must be outlined.

Coloured CADs - Mock up fashion sketches of each colour you intend to produce and corresponding Pantone references.

The season, date, style name, designer name and brand name.

Page numbers.

Size range for each piece.

Size of the sample.

A space for the factory to add a sample swatch of fabric.

Written notes describing key features of the design.

Concise flat measurements on the half.

Graded measurements for each size in the range.

The type of stitches and finishes each part of the garment will have - industry standard terminology is key here!

Brand and care label details.

Inspiration images to support your design.

An area for fit review notes and changes needed to the initial sample.

This is by no means a full list as each garment and fashion product is different and may need extra details in order to properly convey the design and construction. Industry standard terminology is key when producing a quality tech pack and that's what helps to break down language barriers and allow you to manufacture anywhere.

Simply put, tech packs are too crucial to the production process to not opt for the highest possible quality. After all, the more detailed your tech packs are, the less room there is for error.

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