How To Dress For Next Year's White Party

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

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While the origin of the White Party is debated, the only grounding rule is of course, that white attire is a must. Some sources say these dreamy, ethereal parties where everyone must wear white outfits, started in Saint Tropez, France, while others debate that the tradition started in the Hamptons, near New York City. Both locations are associated with the jet set glitterati and regardless of the origin, the concept of the White Party has spread across the world, attempting to mimic this glamorous lifestyle if only for one night.

Taking Care of the Details

White parties are held in many different countries, each one holding their own style of entertainment, style of cuisine and organisation for the event. The parties are only intrinsically linked through their fashion style and nothing else, meaning the dates and locations vary however they usually take place during the balmy nights of Summer. Some of the most renowned White Parties take place every year in New York City, Miami, Palm Springs, Montreal, Rome, Hong Kong, Dubai and Paris. Unlike other locations, Paris has been holding their White Party, translated as Diner en Blanc, in complete secret. The exact details of the location and what to expect at the party are kept hush hush until some mere hours before the event however the party is often in a spectacular public space, embracing the city and all it has to offer. Dubai, quickly followed in the footsteps of Paris and they too keep their event secret until the last minute.

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The Fashion Spectacle

Of course, alongside the extravagant entertainment, the banquet feasts and fabulous photographs, sits the highly anticipated fashion. If you’ve ever been to a White Party, you’ll remember how you agonised over what to wear, how to stand out in a sea of snow drops and exactly how to curate the perfect sumptuous white outfit. To help you get a head of the fashion curve for next year’s event, let’s take a look at the most fabulous shots from this year’s parties across the globe, your challenge if you choose to accept it; out do them next year!

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The trends for the White Party in Paris varied between boho babe, celestial angel and extravagant head gear. Texture was also a key theme throughout the invitees, many embracing lace, netting, feathers and embroidered, beaded gowns. If there was any color permitted at all, it was seen only in a speck of pale lilac and lily pad green. This year there was definitely a festival, costume element involved in the styling, many goers choosing to style their outfits with head crowns, facial gems and eye masks. Other diners chose to embrace their heritage, dressing in traditional garbs and a few channelled some fashion inspiring eras like the 1920’s, wearing dropped waist dresses and flapper-esque accessories. Some of our favorite silhouettes included wide leg lace pants, sleeveless shift dresses and perfectly tailored pant suits.

Images Via : The Tamarind Tree

We couldn’t talk about the White Party fashions without mentioning the entertainment. While some White Parties choose to hold their events in hotels, gardens or by the pool, by having their party outdoors in a public place, Paris has the edge on the kind of entertainment they can provide. This year saw circus acts on stilts, the costumes just as elaborate as the event itself. While the men wore sequinned vests and top hats, the women were layered in tulle skirts and leather jackets.

In short, there’s no fast and hard rules when it comes to dressing for the White Party but each destination does seem to have their own vibe and unofficial dress code. Some outfits from around the world definitely made a better impact than others so think carefully for next year, choose an outfit that works for your body type, makes a statement and don’t forget to think about how it will photograph.

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