Infinite Times The Queen Had More Fashion Sense Than You

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Incase you aren’t aware yet, the Queen of England, Lizzie as she’s affectionately known, is well known for her brazen fashion choices. The over 90-year-old royal often chooses radical outfits that certainly get her noticed at all of her public appearances, not forgetting her truly classic choices too. It’s true, we’re actually jealous of her cool her style is, especially considering her age and the numerous fashion rules the royal family must follow – although certain members are notorious for breaking them. You might be surprised to look towards this senior member for fashion inspiration but she is the Queen of England so she has a noble title to live up to.

The Official Royal Family Fashion Rules

  • Natural Nail Polish Only

Fingernails are to be painted natural colors only with the Queen’s favorite reported to be Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” which is a soft pink as the name suggests. It appears that toe nails are a little more lenient and Kate Middleton has been spotted with dark red on her tootsies but hands must conform to protocol.

  • Glove Etiquette

After the 90’s gloves were worn by the royals less and less but dear Lizzie still loves them. She’ll wear them when she has to shake a lot of hands and often she’ll keep them for the majority of her event. There is a whole glove etiquette to observe if any of the royals do decide to glove their hands though, including they must be removed when eating, which includes a quick swipe of a passed canapé, they are forbidden at the dining table and when removed, they must be done so finger by finger and rested on the lap beneath a napkin – sounds like a lot of effort which is possibly why most of the modern royals don’t bother with gloves at all.

  • Hosiery is a Must

All ladies are expected to keep their legs covered at all times, there’s no bare legged days for the royals even in Summer. If the weather doesn’t permit for opaque tights, all royal ladies must wear sheer pantyhose and according to reports, the sales of skin colored tights have soared since Kate Middleton became a fashion icon.

  • It’s a No For the Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are a definite no no even for the younger generation, it’s knee length or longer, no exceptions.

  • Shorts Are For Boys, Pants Are For Men

Any boy child below the age of eight will always been wearing shorts even if it’s chilly out.

  • Tiaras Can Only Be Worn At Certain Times

You’d think being a royal you could wear a tiara anytime you’d like but no, the rules are strict in that area too. Apparently it is the event not the status of the person that denotes whether a tiara can be worn and they can only be worn by married women. Never during the day, daywear is for hats, while hats must not be worn inside after 6 p.m.

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The Unofficial Rules

Of course, there are unofficial rules that the Queen follows too. These are less like rules and more like just good sense.

  • Bright Colors

Lizzie is often seen in bright colors which at first glance seems like a bizarre choice for a lady of a certain age. In actual fact, it’s a very good tactic. When the Queen makes an appearance, there are often thousands of people present in the crowds and by wearing a bright color, the Queen can be easily seen from a distance and identified quickly.

  • Extravagant Hats

It’s no secret that the royals love their hats and they wear some of the most extravagant and sophisticated designs by the worlds most renowned milliners. But for the Queen, it’s not just a fashion statement, similar to her clothing choices, a large extravagant hat in a bright color allows her to be seen easily. A hat also adds height too, after all, who doesn’t want to be able to say they saw part of the Queen’s hat as she moved through the crowd.

  • Clutch Bag Language

There’s a whole secret language involved in the way the royals hold their clutch bags. It allows their entourage to read the scene without spoken words and also aids the owner in certain situations too. Some of the most popular clutch bag moves include holding it across the bust when getting out of cars to save their cleavage being snapped by photographers and holding it in front with both hands can avoid a situation when shaking hands might not be preferable. Apparently the Queen uses her clutch to signal pretty much everything without speaking, including when she wants out of a boring conversation with somebody or when she’s ready to leave.

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Before the Queen was in fact, the Queen, she was nown for her style even as a Princess. She was a self confessed fashion lover and perhaps even a bit of a shop-a-holic! She drew inspiration for her style from her love of Hollywood movies, particularly those that starred Scarlet O’Hara and she often attempted to emulate her cinched in waists and voluminous hem lines in her younger days. The amount of lace and ruffles on this outfit is impressive and Lizzie looks like she has just walked off the set of a movie herself.

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Who else has had a Marilyn Monroe incident they weren’t prepared for? The Queen likes to be prepared for all eventualities especially when it comes to weather related faux pas. As well as always having an outfit matching umbrella on hand, her established dressmaker sews discreet curtain weights into the bottoms of her hemlines so she doesn’t get caught out by rogue gust of wind or exposing herself when she climbs in and out of the royal vehicles. Now that’s just plain genius.

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Having your photograph taken all the time makes Queen Elizabeth II an expert at understanding proportion and attention to detail. According to sources, her left shoulder is slightly higher than her right and so she often chooses to wear just one shoulder pad in order to create perfect symmetry - queue every person on Instagram copying this styling trick!

Lizzie knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to prints and matching outfits. Amidst paisley prints, florals and of course her solid block color outfits she is well known for in recent years, one of her staple favorites is the classic polka dot. Elegant and stylish, the polka dot never really goes out of fashion and is incredibly versatile. Lizzie loves the polka dot so much, it’s reported that almost 20% of her closet is full of it!

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