8 Unusual Trends For 2019

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Trends are often recycled for a new year, putting a slightly different twist on a classic from decades gone by. Whether it’s a cool hat shape, a must have accessory or even just how garments are being styled, 2019 will have its own trends and quirks to keep you looking chic all year long. Here’s 8 unusual trends to watch out for in the new year so you can get a head of the game!

Decorative Glasses Chains

Glasses chains are officially cool! Once considered Grandma’s accessory, the glasses chain will have having its moment in the limelight and we think it’s one of the most exciting and unusual trends arriving in 2019. Not only are glasses chains practical for both sunglasses and optical lenses but they’re popping up in so many styles you might even find yourself with a different chain for every day! From oversized tortoise shell chain styles to heavily ornate and beaded ones, the more over the top the better. We’re also loving glasses chains with dangling charms for those who really want to get in on this trend in a big way. Be sure to choose a chain that compliments your glasses frames (or treat yourself to new frames to match your chain!) and avoid anything too minimalistic otherwise you run the risk of looking like Nana!

Bamboo Bags

The bamboo bag trend already started in 2018 but it’s getting even bigger for 2019 as Winter dissipates into Spring. Open, straw style bags with small handles or cross body circle bamboo bags are a couple of the most popular shapes but as long as it’s bamboo it’s a winner! Bamboo is also a great, natural material that is high in supply so you’ll actually be shopping sustainably without even knowing it. Both natural bamboo and colored bamboo bags will be filling the shelves of your favorite brands and while a natural bamboo bag looks great for everyday use, a colored version can make a striking statement piece for your outfit.

Beaded Sphere Bags

The beaded sphere bag trend has been led mostly by Peter Pilotto who showed some insanely beautiful ones at his SS19 presentation. Even with their hefty price tag and almost six months waitlist, they sold out incredibly quickly. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these babies but at over €1000 for one, that seems unlikely! We’re certain to see lower end versions of these beaded bags and hopefully still with that gorgeous long length tassel finishing it off just right. Some versions of the beaded sphere bag come lined while others don’t. Without the lining, we’re not sure our essentials would stay put and not slip through the openings but equally the lining might take away from that prestigious look. Although we’re super in love with these bags, it’s more likely to be a special occasion bag due to it’s slightly impractical nature.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are coming out of the gym and into the streets for 2019. Simple black pairs are a must have staple as they can be dressed up or down in an instant and are also super comfortable. Of course if you’re feeling daring, there’ll also be some graphic printed shorts in pop art styles and rainbow colors filling the shelves too! Style with an oversized t-shirt and fashion sneakers for a relaxed look or step it up a notch with an oversized blazer and chic pumps for a more put together vibe.

Tortoise Shell Everything

Each year, one animal print dominates over all others and 2019 is the turn of the humble tortoise. We’re seeing tortoise shell earrings, bangles, bags, heels, scarves and any other accessory you can think of. Tortoise shell is a fantastic print for those who don’t usually do print as it’s subtle enough to still look chic and polished. It’s earthy tones make it easy to pair with your outfit without too much thought and that extra bit of print will add a whole other dimension to your outfit.

African Prints

African prints are also stealing the limelight for 2019. Bright and bold, African prints have so much diversity, there’s at least one to suit every personal taste. Mostly popping colors are used but you’ll also find some deep, earthy oranges and browns too for a more understated look. We’re loving the mixture of African prints on traditional western wear clothes, particularly jumpsuits and dresses with dramatic sleeves. Since these prints demand attention, keep the rest of your outfit including accessories and shoes minimalist to allow the print to work its magic.

Serious Rushing

Rushing is a difficult one, it can either work for or against your body depending on the placement. Sometimes it can hide a multitude of sins and other times it just highlights any lumps or bumps so it’s important to choose well placed rushing if you want to get on board with this trend. A rushed pencil skirt will help hide tummy rolls but if it’s pencil shaped, it’ll also emphasize your hips. A looser style of rushed skirt or dress will work better for those conscious about larger thighs or derrière and rushing on sleeves is a winner for hiding the fact that you’ve missed bicep day at the gym too often!

Hologram Fabrics

Hologram fabrics are a must for every fashion extrovert! Super shiny and multi tonal when it catches the light, hologram fabrics add a futuristic look to any outfit. On the runways, hologram fabrics were presented head to toe but in reality, this is a hard look for anyone to pull off. Try a statement hologram jacket instead, it’ll certainly turn heads but you can always take it off if you feel like it’s too much!

Article Commissioned by Mod'Art University of Shanghai

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