Wedding Trends For 2019

Whether you’re newly engaged, anticipating your best friend’s wedding or simply love looking at dreamy wedding photos on Pinterest, keeping up with the latest wedding trends is a lot of fun! Sometimes the trends are a passing fad like short dresses and others have a longer shelf life like the naked cake or outdoor BBQ trend. Let’s look at the biggest wedding trends for 2019, maybe you’ll get to experience them for any weddings you’re attending this year!

The Color Rust

Rust coloured bridesmaids dresses, bridal party group photo

If weddings had a color of the year, it would be rust. The orange/brown hue of rust will be everywhere in weddings for 2019, from bridesmaid dresses to ribbon décor, groomsmen suits and florals. It fits perfectly into the trend towards a retro 70’s vibe with desert connotations making it the ideal color for anyone who loves a bit of vintage but still wants to be on trend. You can even use this rust color very sparingly through your invitations or thank you cards if you’re not sure about incorporating it into your full wedding color scheme.

Dark and Edgy Color Palettes

dark wedding table setting, wedding table elegant decor with candles

While once upon a time wearing black to a wedding was considered inappropriate and in bad taste, now the tables have turned and even bridesmaids are wearing black and people are loving it! Any color that creates a moody, sensual vibe is top of the list, think blacks, chocolate browns and deep forest greens. It’s a complete opposite view point to the well light, bright, white and blush décor we so often associate with weddings but it’s out with the soft textures and creamy palettes and in with the hard textures, glossy or matte and deep sensual tones. Dark and edgy palettes have in past years made an appearance during the colder months but this trend is just as perfect for a balmy Summer wedding as it is for a crisp Winter one.

Classic Cut Dresses

meghan marble wedding dress shape

There’s a big return of the simple and classic wedding dress, similar to the minimal style worn by Meghan Markle. This trend is all about tailoring and choosing a silhouette that works with your body shape. It’s this year’s version of the modern princess bride, no frills or encrusted gems here, it’s simple, classic and sophisticated to the core.

This is also translating into the décor. While edgy and modern décor is definitely prevailing, there are still plenty of couples looking to bring back a traditional vibe. Think about your grandmother’s silverware, linen table cloths, Battenburg lace and crystal glassware and you’re on the right track.

Bridal Hats

bride in wedding dress wearing bridal hat

Veils and hair pieces are out and bridal hats are in! This is one trend that is definitely not for the bride who hates attention. Bridal hats are becoming more and more popular for all wedding seasons, making a modern statement and demanding that everyone’s eyes are on the bride. The best shapes we’re seeing include Panama hats, Fedoras, felted wool styles and floppy straw hats for Summer. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a boho bride, this is definitely the trend for you.

Elaborate Florals

floral wall for weddings, bride standing beside floral wall decoration

Floral arrangements are going wild this year so if you’re planning your own wedding, let your florist loose and get super creative! From extravagant bouquets to floor to ceiling floral arrangements, flowers are bigger than ever. Artistic flower wall décor is also extremely popular for 2019, replacing mirrors and paintings.

Banquette Tables

wedding banquette table decor set up

A great alternative to the traditional round tables and long top table are a couple of rows of banquette style tables. These allow for a more intimate affair, as well as letting the bride and groom sit mingled among the guests instead of on display. Banquette tables also photograph really well and you know what that means…more insta worthy photos!

Gender Neutral Bridal and Groomsmen Parties

bridal party photograph, wedding photograph of gender neutral wedding party

Forget girls only bachelorette parties, 2019 is finally embracing the fact that a woman’s nearest and dearest might actually be male! This trend is still very much in its infancy and you’ll still find it hard to buy pre-made bridesman or man of honor invites but it’s getting there. Traditional roles are being treated more like a guide that a hard and fast rule with even flower grandmas replacing the traditional flower girl. And it’s not just a gender neutral bridal or groomsmen party that is bunking the system, many other traditions are being adapted and changed to suit 2019 and our decade’s values. One of our favorites is instead of the bride throwing the bouquet into a crowd of single girls, it’s given to the couple attending the wedding who have been married the longest.

Lighting Trends

fluorescent lighting for weddings

As far as lighting goes, if you’re going to splurge your budget on anything, let it be lights! Never before has there been such a pull towards non traditional and elaborate lighting with renting opulent lighting for the big day being top of the list. We’re seeing many different styles from fluorescent tube lighting to ornate lanterns, the bigger the better, the more the better! Lighting is all about creating a mood and is something that for years has been overlooked at weddings. The lighting can actually make such a difference to the atmosphere and overall mood of the wedding so we’re glad lighting is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Article Commissioned by Mod'Art University of Shanghai

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