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K. Alexandra has worked with various different clients at all stages of the fashion production process. From individual tech packs to hangtag designs and full collection designing, all within womenswear, menswear and kidswear. But a firm favourite with clients is our all-inclusive packages, this means that we work with your brand from start to finish, from looking at trends and your target market to designing the full collection, through to tech packs and adjusting the samples. We'll work beside you and your brand until you've got the perfect pre-production sample and are ready to go ahead and place an order with your factory for the full unit quantity.


We'll also guide you through the whole process so you'll know exactly what to expect from each stage of the process - this is perfect if you're new to the fashion industry and need a little extra T.L.C for your first collection.

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At K. Alexandra, our specialism lies in tech pack creation for wovens and cut and sew jersey knits. Even the most amazing design ideas can't stand up if you're sending poor quality tech packs to the factory.


The cost of having to go through 8 rounds of sampling due to the factory not understanding how you want your garment to be constructed is far greater than the price of a quality tech pack and we believe prevention is better than cure.


That's why we pride ourselves in extremely detailed tech packs that rely more on technical drawing than written commands allowing them to transcend language barriers too. The more detail there is, the less room there is for error, reducing the time it takes for you to get your garments ready for selling and reducing the cost of sampling.


Our clear and organised tech pack layout has been used in factories worldwide and we pay attention to how factories read tech packs, making them as easy as possible to understand and separating information into their designated places within the pack.


You'll find absolutely everything your garment needs in our tech packs from the fabric and trims to the labels and hangtags, even the type of bag they should send the sample to you in!


Our tech packs also include size specs for every size in your range and will be updated as we journey through the sampling and fitting stages. Set up as living documents, every fit change from raising the hem 2 cm to choosing a slightly deeper shade of crimson is recorded, documented and updated for the factory.



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