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K. Alexandra is a fashion consultancy company created by the designer herself, Kirsti Alexandra. With many years of experience working in the fashion industry for international brands as well as startups, K. Alexandra established her freelance fashion consultancy company under her own namesake.  


Specialising in wovens and jersey fashion design and tech pack creation,  K. Alexandra works closely with your brand, developing your vision and getting your next (or first!) collection ready for production.


We work with clients all over the world, in multiple timezones, delivering designs and tech packs to factories in all corners of the globe. Our tech packs transcend language barriers so no matter where you plan to manufacture, we've got you covered.

K Alexanda designs for your target market. Freelance fashion esine and tchpack specialist based in Paris Franceand Houston Texas. Fashion Design consultant
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K. Alexandra, reliable freelancer, honest and hardworking freelance design consultant. Book a consultation with a fashion designer. Tech pack specialist, technial designer
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 - Paris, the City of Light, has always been my first true love. It's where I've called home for

    over 8 years and I never take a single day there for granted. I'll never grow tired of the

    café culture, the inspiring architecture, the elegant hum of the city or all those buttery



- I have a Boston Terrier who is deaf from birth and every day we practise our sign language

   together. He's the best companion a girl could wish for.


 - Coffee? Espresso, always.


-  Born in Ireland, settled in France, bilingual in both languages, working all over the world.


- I'm a passionate writer and I published my first book last year, detailing my journey with

mental health and how I work around my bipolar disorder rather than succumbing to it. High

fives to all of my fellow high functioning bipolar disorder sufferers out there! 

It's called The Bipolarfly Effect and you can find it on Amazon if that kind of read interests you

I also write more light-hearted fashion articles for Mod'Art University of Shanghai (you know,

if the thought of reading an intense book about mental health sounds terrifying!)


- I once did the highest (legal) bungee jump in the world. Never again. 


- After a long productive day, I appreciate a nice glass of vin rouge de Bourgogne  and settling

down to watch a psychological thriller with my pooch curled up beside me.


- I'm currently planning my wedding for next year!


K. Alexandra profile of fashion designer an techical designer. Techpack creator, technical packs for fashion design and fashion production