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MORE THAN fashion

Fashion is what we do but there's also a real person behind the K.Alexandra brand.

When it comes to being featured, I talk about what I know and experience as a real life person, be it fashion, mental health, life with a deaf dog and anything else this crazy world makes us face.
Cosmopolitan Cover April 2020
British MODE cover July 2014

Cosmopolitan (U.S.)
April 2020 Print Edition
Personal Essay

British MODE
July 2014 Print Edition
Personal Essay

Befoe you kill yourself podcast cover

Before You Kill Yourself
A Suicide Prevention Podcast by TEDx Speaker Leo Flowers
Episode 131
Listen Here

Bolde logo

I Faced My Fears & Got A Mammogram—And You Should Too

9 Things Your Non-Existent Life Coach Would Tell You To Stop Doing

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Is Paris Really As Fashionable As It Wants The World To Believe It Is?

The Dirty Secret Behind Outlet Stores And Discount Designer Goods

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